Travel at your best

Whether you travel for business or for fun, the last thing you want to experience on your trip is feeling too tired or spaced out because of jetlag. You need to be at the top of your game to nail that difficult workshop, negotiate the best deal, or just have the best time with your family.

Travel, especially travel across different time zones, has negative consequences on our energy levels, productivity, mood, health, and even our ability to understand the facial expressions. If you want to travel without compromising all these things, you need “hack” your biology and circadian rhythm and plan your trip very well.

With Hecatee it’s easy – it creates personalized anti-jetlag protocol based on your specific trip and guides you step by step.

With Hecatee you don’t need to be a scientist or biohacker – it gives you easy-to-follow recommendations and reminds you whenever you need to take action.

Download the Android version now with free unlimited trips


For iOS sign up here to get the early invitation.

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