How Hecatee works

Hecatee gives you personalized advice to speed up your adaptation to new timezone by 2-3 times. You don’t need any expensive gadgets or supplements, the key is the right timing of “zeitgebers”.

  • Circadian rhythm
    Our body follows circadian rhythm – 24h cycle that guides not just our sleep and waking hours, but also our appetite and metabolism, immune system, cardiovascular system, release of hormones, cleanup processes, and even our mood and emotions.
  • Jetlag
    When we travel across timezones, our day is suddenly longer (or shorter) than 24 hours. Our biology becomes out of sync with our environment. The many processes that are guided by circadian rhythm become disrupted, causing many short-term and long-term problems.
  • Zeitgebers
    Our body uses multiple external cues to regulate circadian rhythm – we call them zeitgebers (from German – time givers). The strongest ones are light and dark, temperature, nutrition and exercise. Consistently repeated activities and social interactions can also act as zeitgebers.
  • Adapting to new timezone is slow
    Normally our bodies only adapt at a rate of roughly 1 hour per day. This is too slow – for example if you travel from New York to London it could take you 5 days to fully adjust.
  • How Hecatee works
    Hecatee uses combination of natural zeitgebers, timed precisely to help you adjust circadian rhythm much faster. It prompts you to do the right thing at the right time. It’s the anti-jetlag coach in your pocket.
  • Personalized for your trip
    Hecatee gives you personalized advice – based on your flight details it calculates the schedule which best prepares you for peak performance during and after your trip. Well timed breakfast, coffee or sun exposure even before your trip will make the transition a piece of cake.

First users are already testing Hecatee and their feedback is very positive – it made a difference in their business and sport outcomes. Do you want to join them? Try Hecatee now.

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