Business travel

Even as technology makes remote communication easier, people realize that in-person human interaction has a large impact on success. Based on recent study “face-to-face requests are 34 times more powerful than text-based ones“[1].

This is why corporate travelers take more than 480 million business trips every year and companies spend more than $1.2 trillion on business travel.

But when asked anonymously by researchers, business travelers report 39% decrease in productivity due to jetlag[2].

That means that your key employees traveling for the most important meetings have 39% lower chances of being successful, because they are tired and can’t sleep properly.

Hecatee will help your key staff be productive and full of energy even when they travel.

  • More energy, better business outcomes, happier employees.
  • Set up in less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy to follow recommendations.
  • No extra time needed.
  • No extra costs for fancy equipment or services.

Are you interested in helping your top employees not just to perform better, but also feel better? Try Hecatee now

[1] Studies by Cornell University and Western University
[2] Research of and Airbus


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